Virtue: A characteristic valued as promoting collective or individual greatness


At Virtue our belief is that strength is divided into four core virtues that forge a truly strong individual: Physical Strength, Mental Strength, Moral Strength, and Spiritual Strength.

Our goal is to provide simple and effective lessons about strength so that others can achieve success.

Here is a deeper look at each of the Virtues of Strength:

Physical Strength

There are many methods and tools that can be used to improve physical strength. Physical strength is the most obvious and observable of all the virtues.

Each person has different qualities of physical strength they wish to develop including maximal strength, explosive strength, strength endurance, and speed strength.  Body composition also impacts physical strength and is addressed in the Virtues of Strength in addition to these other strength qualities. Approaches to strength training change base on the desired type strength an individual wishes to develop.

Mental Strength 

The mind is the master of the body. Mental strength is vital for reaching your physical transformation goals.

Many years of training have taught us that most physical transformation goals fail because of a lack of  mental strength.

Mental strength is paramount to being a truly strong individual.

Set a goal and have the grit and the fortitude to see it through. You must transform in your thinking before you can transform your body.

Moral Strength

Strong character is essential for those seeking true strength.

Are you strong enough to do what is right even when no one is watching or when it profits you nothing?

Can you be trusted?

Will you be the one to lead by example?

It takes a strong person to possess moral strength.  Not to crumble under the pressure of others who would drag you down because they are too weak to do what is right.

Spiritual Strength

You either believe that there is a God or you do not.

We believe that the human body is beautifully choreographed and there is an amazing God who designed it.

If you believe that there is a God, how do you relate to Him? Do you know about His character?  What does your faith consist of and are you seeking the One who created you?

Spiritual strength is the deepest and most fundamental type of strength.  Do not to skip over this foundational strength and seek the One who created you.


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